Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smile Is The Best Revenge

Ever heard that? I've literally been there, done that.

At school elections, my friend A (whom I had met a couple of months back) didn't vote for his really old friend, B. The reason was quite simple; she had become kind of a meretricious person amongst most of the sane crowd. Actually the real reason was that A's then-girlfriend didn't want him to vote for B, as the girlfriend was the "sane-crowd" I'm talking about. What my role at that moment was that when B came to check on him, of whether A's ballot supported her or not, I snatched the ballot out of his hand and submitted it right away. Nothing had annoyed that girl that much in her life. So, a few days later she confronted the two of them, A and his girlfriend, and she was even mad at me. Her basic issue was that I was no right to intervene between friends and it was ridiculous of me to snatch the ballot.

In my defense, I knew that A would be in big trouble if she sees it. Plus, B might even have had him persuaded to change his decision, which would've landed him in BIGGER trouble with his girl, and as we were literally tired of sorting things out for them, therefore I thought it was a wise step and still do. (:P) Also, B didn't like our gang (minus the guys), for no reason, so friends look out for friends and I just played my part, okay? (:P)

So, while B was bickering foolishly in front of everyone, especially about me, I couldn't help my self from laughing at her face. She was standing there trying to ridicule me and I was there ridiculing her bouncing off whatever she wanted from me.

Later, a mutual friend of ours, M, reached me out and told me that nothing more ticked her off in the argument than your laughter and smiling right at her face and not answering back. I got the feeling of self satisfaction, which I never had gotten before. (:P)

So whenever someone's trying to mess you up, laugh or smile at them, not like a retard but to make it clear that "I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you throw at me, would bounce back and stick to you." :P

LOL. God bless

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  1. awesome ! lovin this line i am the rubber your the glue .... =P