Friday, March 11, 2011

Salutations To My Beloved

So, sitting idle I have been thinking of all the phases I've been through my life and the people who've helped me through them. As there are countless girls, and each of them would take at least one post each, I'd want to thank the couple of dudes who have played an important role in my life in one way or another. If anyone is judging me for not adding my dad to this, then the thing is that he's just too cool to be in this genre. Plus, he deserves a special edition lengthy post. So let me focus on the rest for now.

I never thought that anyone could take my brother's place until I held my younger brother in arms. He's the softest, the cutest thing on the face of this Earth. No, no, he certainly did NOT take his elder brother's place, but certainly settled in the same. Both my brothers helped me learn about responsibility (a little bit), love, compassion, and consideration. There is nothing I like more than spending time with the both of them. Be it taking the elder one to the toy shop, watching him smile after he screws something up; or letting the younger one sit on my tummy and bounce, and especially when he sleeps lying over my chest; I could never ask for more. I miss both of you more than anything else when you're away and look forward to the next time I can hold you in my arms. Even though both of you are too little to read, Abdullah and Ahad, I love you both very much. <3

The past Ramadan I had become an insomniac. For various reasons, it was very depressing as well. I really needed a friend to be there for me, and there was one fool who made me laugh really hard throughout the night and then during the day, talking about food and sending the most mouth watering pictures to torture me. Though our friendship is more of brotherhood, he's the one whom I can discuss any guy, any crush with, and he criticizes him at his best, telling me that I have a thing for nerds or nerdy looks. At numerous times he was eating my head and I found nobody more annoying. But now he's stuck in Karachi, with no cell phones or internet, for God knows how long, and I know Hamza, that you might not be able to read this right now but you ARE one of my fans, (:D) so thank you for being there throughout the Ramzan nights and being there throughout my insomnia. I hope you become the best officer in the Navy and get to see some action as you've always wanted. I miss you, especially when the insomnia strikes back. :P

One of the best investments my parents made was to send me to a workshop conducted by the prestigious university, NUST. I had no clue of what it was about and did not know a single person attending there. I earned many ambitions, dreams, and life-time friends there, which also brought a new change in me. One of those friends was quite older than the rest of us, almost a graduate actually. But mentally he's younger than us and whenever we're together, we actually feel like he's the kid whom we have to take care of. We had the most amazing time annoying him and taking weird pictures of him during he tried to recover the previous night's sleep. We never leave a chance for him to not be able to treat us. Movie and dinner are like his obligatory treat when we're in Lahore but I don't get the chance to reciprocate because sadly, or luckily for me (:P), he hardly ever visits Islamabad. But whenever we're together, we have a blast! But no matter how fun he is, Maaz and I would never forgive him for taking sides with Mujtaba and rejecting our most amazing plan of the "kilashinkouf robot", and then also losing. But Hassan bhai, you're the most fun to hang out with and I really hope that you finally get the chance to consume your endless amounts of due treats. :D 

Last but not least, I have a best friend who even though acts gay most of the time but he's not. :P He's the smart ass with lame jokes and endless stories to share. We've got a little too much in common which is simply amazing because the most common words we share are, "Me too!!" and "Same here!!" etc. He's one of my oldest guy friends and is absolutely love. I remember when we were in the same school, during functions girls used to ogle all the dudes, they used to point at him and go ga-ga, and I simply used to sit and laugh. You made me look pretty cool for having you as a friend, back in those days (I know that might sound a bit lame. :P) Abdullah, I never knew I'd make such an awesome friend over a place as lame as you know where (:P) But thank you for all the times you've heard and condoled me when I mourn about how lame my awesome life is and how lame my wonderful parents are. You Rock.
And and and... I know you're not gay. :P

I hope I'm not missing someone but I'm running late now. Thanks to all of you for making me a better person in one way or another, or to simply make my life as amazing and full of memories as it is.

For all those a-guy-and-a-girl-can-never-be-friends-stereotypes, you should rather suck it because I have guy friends, and just friends and they are pretty amazing. All I can hope for you is that you find good friends too.

Be blessed.

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  1. i`ll never, in my entire life, be able to pay back for this one...u beat me down with this one mash...u beat me down real bad...and i love u for this...!!!
    p.s. n im not the kid (^^p)....u r (^_^)...!!!