Thursday, May 12, 2011

Story of The Numbers – Wasting my time, along with yours

Black, the husband; White, the wife; and Grey, their baby – not a bad assumption of mind, is it? Since I was very little, I remember connecting the alphabets, numerals and every other set of data into a pattern, and later developing a story out of it. Even to date when I look at the design or motif on a cloth or curtain or anywhere else, my head starts making out characters from the pattern and somewhere at the back of my mind a story starts forming. I guess that was when I started constructing stories with my own imagination.

Let me share some one of the oldest story today – the ones including the Arabic numerals, because this one is so old that even I don’t remember it forming in my head. So here goes.

1 and 2 fell in love and got married long time ago. Following them is 3, who has had a crush on 2 since before she got married. He is the cool dude who has the red sports car and everything else to show off except 2. Whereas, 1 is not financially stable and belongs in a mediocre class. 1 thinks that 2 is impressed by 3 and his good looks and charms, and feels intimidated wondering if one day 2 would ever leave him for 3. 3 never stops trying to win back 2.
4 is 3’s son, and 5’s best friend. 5 is the chocolate hero of our story – yet the unpopular version of that. He’s in love with 6 – I always thought of 6 as the prettiest number since kindergarten – who unfortunately is involved with 7, the body builder/popular/hot guy. Though 7 does not “love” 6, but she’s good to have by his side. 4 is always supporting 5, trying to make him feel better whenever 5 sees 6 with 7 and telling him never to give up on her.
8 is 7’s father. 8, who is meek and lives in the shadow of his sister 9 (I, myself, always wondered how 7, who is such a jacka*s, can be an offspring of a guy like 8.) What is a bigger surprise is that 9 is married and lives with her busy husband, 10. 10 has been raised without his parents because of which he got so rigid from his outer shell. He is the serious kind of guy who’s mostly busy at work and 9 keeps on fighting with him for that, whereas 8 stands behind her like her minion as both of them, along with himself, support his son, 7, as well. Whom we left out is 0 – 0 is an outlaw, a gothic rebel and a druggy, who stays away from this universe and has no value. Its gender is also unknown. The only vague source of my imagination, supports the idea that it’s a female, who might have had relations with 1 and 10 might be the result of their teenage pregnancy.

Gosh! That sounds almost as complicated as 90210. I was a troubled kid if I had ALL THAT in my imagination when I had merely started school. But then, honestly, I had only indistinct traces of memories to this story in my head which didn’t even make sense at that time and had many holes. But today when I started writing about it, every part started falling into place and formed into this hullabaloo. But these characters, and vague ideas of their relationships were like some kind of data fed to my mind when I was very little and asleep.

I even had my theory for alphabets - but then I thought a story with 11 characters is enough for normal minds to take in - Imagine, what 26 would do to you.

That's all for now,
Adiós, amigos.

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