Friday, December 3, 2010

Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Breaking Down Big Words in to My Perspective

"I'll become a doctor."
"I'm becoming a teacher when I grow up; I like checking copies."

I remember these answers back from Class Prep when my General Knowledge teacher used to ask us, "What do you want to be when you're old?" Or when my English teacher wanted us to write an essay on something related to us. I remember how much I dreaded field trips for the sole reason that the minute we'd step back in class, our teacher would hurriedly give us the assignment of writing about our experience in Jungle Kingdom or whatever that place was. I still remember how we begged her not to spoil our perfect day, but in vain. Now I look at myself, craving to make my next blog entry *sigh*. The way time changes you...

So, looking back at the stated answers, let go in flashback to remember such moments of our lives. All of us had similar aim except a few of course, didn't we? No? You don't agree? Let me tell you that why were they similar.

To be a doctor, engineer, teacher, pilot, soldier even, is a profession. What my point here is that all of these are Jobs. You're hired by firms and companies etc to do all this. All of us want to work for multi nationals when we grow up, don't we? Well that's how we're all the same. Now do you wonder who the exceptions were? Remember the few spoilt brats in our classes, whose dads ran a business empire and at least went to Dubai for shopping and vacations? Yeah, them. They're the people who grow up to become leaders, not because they go to Dubai, but because those were the guys who answered that they'll join their father's business. I know they're mocked for stepping in their father's footprints, for not standing on their own feet, to be born with a silver spoon, but their fathers are the ones contributing to our economy. If they adapt their leadership qualities and take their places one day, what's the harm in that? If there would be no firms, who would hire you to work for them, Mr. Engineer? So just be thankful that they're playing their role.

There were also children with us, who wanted to build a bridge connecting Islamabad to New York; who wanted to invent flying cars; who wanted to make a candy for the poor, which came in the flavours of the food they couldn't afford. (Yes the last stupid person was me. :P) These are the entrepreneurs. Imagine the world without Facebook, without Mobiles, without Cameras, Laptops, etc. All of this stuff hasn't been created by science. I mean not the Bio, Chemistry or Physics Science, you study it in Computer Sciences and for some unknown reason, I've never imagined computer geeks to be scientists. o.O

So all of us can make out how important the role of leaders and entrepreneurs are. Then what's the issue with the society and their ideology? Why are we discouraged to do business and do a job instead? Why the kids are told that their ideas are interesting but not practical. Why we are not allowed to take risks? Even my own mother criticizes my dad because he's a businessman, she wished that he worked on a fixed salary but my dad doesn't really care about that. Still, she makes sure that every single person, especially boy, avoids the idea of starting his own business. Sadly she is unaware of my future plans. *evil grin*

Everybody is not born with leadership skills, so in no way am I trying to say that everybody should become a businessman rather than a paid worker. Even people with leadership qualities can not always start a business, because it basically depends on the marketing sector.
Ever heard of the Boston Matrix? It's basically a method or graph used for analyzing your business and products on the basis of Market Share and Market Growth. The matrix consists of four sections, Cash cows, Dogs, Stars and Question marks. Cash cows are the businesses or products which have a greater market share in a slow-growing industry growth, Dogs are units with a low market share in a mature market (as in its products have seen the best of their days and are worn out), Questions marks or Problem child are the most difficult to deal with as they are products with a rapidly growing industry but still somehow their products fail to reach the consumers, in other words they need serious analyzing, the last, Stars are the most popular units amongst the consumers and the market sector they work in also seems to be growing rapidly.

My point of repeating my lecture from A Levels Business over here is that every business does not turn out well. The chances of your success solely depend upon you and your hard work. So I'm not here forcing you to quit the BSc or MBBS or whatever you're doing. But yes, my fervent advice would be that after you're done with your studies or are at the last step, remember that leadership skills are required at every level. The CEO of your company is not the only one who hands out orders. So every person of the organization should be well aware of the managerial tactics because it is a pertinent requirement of whatever you work on. So you can learn the basics by keeping your interests in Majors and management as your Minor. It's not just the scene in Pakistan so why not get an MBA after a good work experience? You don't require a BBA before MBA, so don't worry, I'm in no way suggesting the BBA route to you. I don't approve it my self either. I'm only suggesting studying management skills at some point in life. I know some people are born leaders, but those need to be polished as well.

So, another point I'd rather lie to discuss over here, why is our economical state not stable? As far as I've heard, we work harder and more passionately, as compared to people from the West. [The Home Made Butter and Ghee has to go somewhere, doesn't it? *wide grin*.] So still, why do we actually prefer working in an MNC rather than a Pakistani firm? Duh! Because they pay better. But why do we lack opportunities? Why do we run after America like crazy? Why are Harvard and Stanford way beyond the reach of Pakistani Universities? Yes, yes, I know the obvious answers. They offer better opportunities; they have the best resources, blah blah blah. But how many of you know that these universities, the Ivy League, mould their students to be pioneers and entrepreneurs. Not only the Ivy League, but most of the top American universities, I've heard of Americans only so I'd give the credit to them at the moment, give the world entrepreneurs. Not each and every student starts a business of their own, but they make sure to reach the top management with their capabilities and the experience given by such institutions. We on the other hand do the exact opposite. We discourage the generation of stepping into new boundaries, MBA is considered to be the degree for people who work for the ones joining their fathers businesses or who want to work in banks. Yes, I've got that reason for starting with a BBA.

I accept that people have started to get struck by the awareness now but we need more; because the majority is still stuck in the doctor-engineer feud. Come on! Go watch 3 Idiots and learn something from it other than trying to figure out whether the nose comes in between when you kiss or what. [:P] Basically parents and other elders need to know all of this too. It's important; for us and for our country. We need to touch the sky too; the one nobody has reached as yet. We've been blessed by God with the directions in the shape of the Holy Qur'an.

"Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?" Surah Ar-Rahman. Source: The Holy Qur'an

Thank you for bearing me once again. I hope everybody who reads this within two days has a great weekend and the rest may be blessed for the ones to come.
So until next time, Adios!


  1. another great one. all true. but i think coming out of doc-eng feud isnt the answer. come on we need them too. and also coz living in a third world country, one dsnt necessarily has the luxury to go all risky...when there is a whole family gawking at you for financial support. everyone breaks down when it comes to family. we get puzzled between playing safe for our kids or gambling on our dreams. but thinking outside the box, for everyone who has opportunity and guts, is whats going to shape our hail the for u...keep it up mash...!!!

  2. We don't need as much of them as we get each year. Half of them move abroad any way. So the recruitment method should change. There should be a gender balance in the intakes of Universities. If they don't gamble, they won't be rewarded. As for the hundreds and thousands of Doctors and Engineers which graduate each year do not get a suitable job. For example, Mechanical engineers can end up working in the telecom sector. ;) So the goal should be clear. The number of seats for medical should be lessened but equalized in the gender department. The money saved should be used in the R&D departments of sister colleges and areas which need to be worked upon or something.
    Thanks for the buck up! :)