Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've practically grown up watching my uncle unconscious because of drug abuse. My father had been constantly living in different parts of the world to earn the bread and butter for our family. Therefore my mother chose on living with our family when we were young. So I've watched him in all of the states and my family suffering because of him. Watching him in funny states used to make me laugh at the start, but as I grew up I started feeling uncomfortable. His addiction keeps on going on and off. Even to date, it's sometimes hard to tell whether he's in his senses or just goofing around. I've seen him sneaking objects, selling them and using the money to fulfil his needs. Even to date, whenever I meet somebody not in his senses, I freak out.

When I joined a college for A levels, I tried befriending a couple of girls but after a couple of days when they started discussing intimate stuff with me, which involved drugs. I stood amongst them dumbfound. As soon as I went home, I discussed it with my closest friend of that time, because honestly I was scared. :P Yes. I'm not scared of insects, tiny reptiles, but drug abusers do get on my nerves. So what I got in reply from my friend was very simple, as he knew my plans of studying abroad after my A levels, that, well, that'll help you get used to of it so that you can live amongst such people comfortably when you go abroad. That was the exact time I felt that, CRAP! I'll never fit in amongst the crowd, neither in college, nor in the west. In other words, that was when I realised the significance of peer pressure. Because previously, I used to ask people that why the hell does peer pressure spoil you to the extent of abstaining from a healthy and blessed lifestyle? I realized that everything is not in the hands of the teenager, unless he has a strong will power, which is contributed by a supportive family. There are numerous draw backs of the current system of living separate from the extended family. A strong and united family makes a strong and happy human out of the little child running along in the house, creating menace. Lack of quality time with your children does not only distance you from them, but also they create emptiness in their personality. They lack the confidence level, required to compete in the race of the world. This makes them weak for a single moment, which can destroy their whole life ahead of them.

I've been raised by a wonderful set of parents but even I feel weak at times, but somehow I've been blessed by the sense of distinguishing between right and wrong. Maybe I get that genetically, because both my parents are full of morals and are from the few people who are ethically the strongest, I've came across in my almost 18 year old life. So there is no harm in feeling weak at times. I've done my parts on mistakes as well, not this destructive, but there always is pressure from the family of from the society.

Almost a year ago, before I left school, one of my friends from college took an overdose of sleeping pills to evade problems at home and came up in class. Once again, I felt weird and left the room. The only reason he did that was that things at his place were not fine. He had been having constant bickering and arguments with family. That guy was one of the dudes who used to be solving everybody else's problems all the time. So I see that nobody is perfect. All the help, all the right and wrong lectures, all the lessons fail to work when you're applying them to yourself. You can't solve your own problems like a doctor can't operate his own heart. We all need the support of family, friends or the society.

Even when people decide to start a new life, (I'm talking about the persistent addicts here) the society fails to accept them back. They don't really have a choice so the usually end up back to square one. However if the society had been of any help, if they could've given them a second chance, things might have been different. But if I can't look at the person who had freaked me out in intoxication, then who am I to complain, eh? Let's hope we all learn to give every wrong person a second or even a third try, before we end up facing fate and the consequences ourselves.

God, let peace be upon all of us.

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